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CrossFit Classes for Teens & Kids in Ecclesfield

Ready to kick-start your kids' journey into functional fitness?

We offer classes four times a week, designed not only for fun but also to initiate your child’s CrossFit journey. From barbell exercises to cardio workouts – we’ll tailor the pace to your child’s needs, ensuring they have a fantastic time throughout.

Every child can participate in the programme, regardless of skill or experience. Children and teenagers will engage in a structured programme, with the intensity and load adjusted to suit their individual capabilities. This approach helps them progress at their own pace through various exercises, whether it’s mastering a handstand, performing a pull-up, lifting an object, or jumping onto a box.

Please note that the age of your child does not determine the class they attend. Their placement is primarily based on individual maturity, development, athleticism, and skill, ensuring they get the most from their CrossFit experience.

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CrossFit Teens (10+ Years) Youth Development Program

We run a beginner, intermediate and advanced class for kids and teens above 10 years.

The beginner class introduces kids to the correct foundation movements and will begin teaching some different lifts, starting with a PVC bar and moving up in weight slowly. If your kids have a sporting background or have done crossfit before then we also have intermediate and advanced classes so they can continuously progress through our youth development program and towards competition level if they wish to.

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2 Classes Per Week

*30-day notice period required for cancellations

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